Andy's Antics

My father, Robert John Anderson, aka Andy or Bob, worked at General Electric in Lynn, Massachusetts and Ludlow, Vermont for many years. One of his side jobs was to draw cartoons for the biweekly GE Newsletter. He did this from October of 1952 to January of 1959.

His cartoons went by different names like "Second Shift Scribblings" and "Annotations by Anderson". He finally settled on "Andy's Antics".

If you feel like sleuthing, I think that the answers to who the cartoons depict may be in the GE newsletters.

The GE newsletters are found bound at the Black River Academy Museum. Many thanks to the Director, Georgia Brehm, who knew exactly where to find them. The museum is in Ludlow, Vermont at 14 High Street (next to where the freeze locker was located). A great place to visit.

If you mouse over or click on the text under each cartoon it will tell you who I believe it is, and other notes.

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The oldest cartoons are at the bottom. Click on any cartoon to bring it up full screen.

July 22, 1955
[Clear out, kids, so Daddy can enjoy...]

July 1, 1955
[This time the Indians are gonna win!!!]

June 16, 1955
[I know you can mow...]

June 3, 1955
[Y'mean there is a machine??]

May 20, 1955
[How you gonna get it down when you...]

May 6, 1955
[What makes you think the dog wants to go]

April 8, 1955
[Those long black lines]

March 25, 1955
[When you guys are rested, we'll resume..]

March 11, 1955 Town Meeting
[Town Meeting]

February 25, 1955
[Driveways plowed cheep]

February 11, 1955
[Why not buy a real auto, brother?]

January 28, 1955
[Do ya hafta use the emergency door?]

January 14, 1955
[I think I've got the grippe!]

December 31, 1954
[Ain't gonna need this house no longer...]

December 3, 1954

November 19, 1954
[Now where did that come from?]

November 5, 1954
[It ain't a planer or a shaper...]

October 22, 1954
[Yuh moved...]

October 08, 1954
[Eat your carrots...]

September 10, 1954

August 27, 1954
[Think Tank?]

August 13, 1954
[Molly Boat]

July 30, 1954
[Molly Boat]

July 16, 1954
[At the Gas Station]

July 2, 1954

June 18, 1954
[The tall and the short of it]

June 4, 1954
[Parking privileges]

May 7, 1954

April 23, 1954
[Gone fishin']

April 23, 1954
[Village Meeting]

April 9, 1954
[Town Meeting]

March 26, 1954
[Who threw that die?]

March 12, 1954
[Brother Andy, where's my office?]

February 26, 1954

February 12, 1954
[Sick Jimmy]

January 29, 1954
[Oh, Mein Papa!]

January 15, 1954
[Rabbit Hunter]

December 4, 1953

November 20, 1953
[They're up in the spruces, Sonny]

November 06, 1953
[Primitive Man Makes First Jet Blade]

October 23, 1953
[What a difference a day makes]

October 9, 1953
[The chase]

October 9, 1953
[The chase]

September 25, 1953
[All I said]

September 11, 1953
[Tally Ho]

August 28, 1953
[Safety First]

August 14, 1953
[Ding Dong, I'm a Fireman]

July 31, 1953
[Cerro Machine]

July 17, 1953
[Signs of the times]

July 3, 1953
[Happy Winners]

June 22, 1953
[That Continental Look]

June 5, 1953
[Not a cloud in sight...]

May 22, 1953
[Eddie be careful]

May 8, 1953
[Camptown Races]

April 24, 1953
[There must be something here...]

April 10, 1953
[the pot called the kettle black]

March 30, 1953
[Business Review Comes to Ludlow]

March 13, 1953
[Double Blessings for Jimmy and Marge]

February 30, 1953
[Budgetary Control]

February 13, 1953
[No, Harvey]

January 30, 1953
[The nurse]

January 16, 1953
[VP Rogers]

January 2, 1953
[Taylor Trio]

December 6, 1952
[Flander's Folly]

November 21, 1952
[Frank Strong]

October 24, 1952
[Rabbit Shot]

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