I have 32 years of Tech Support at the same chain of companies. I have supported over 90 products. About half of them I supported from the inception through Beta and into production.
  1. In June of 1981, I graduated from Southwest School of Electronics and went to work at Datapoint. I worked there until they shut the Austin division down in May of 1985. Several of my Datapoint friends went to KMW.

  2. In June of 1985, I was hired at KMW Systems to be the Protocol Converter Technical Support Engineer when I didn't know what a protocol converter was. My friends got me the job.

  3. KMW We merged with AUSCOM, and became KMW Corporation.

  4. We were purchased by Andrew Corporation and became the Andrew Corporation - Network Products Group.

  5. Andrew spun the Network Products Group off to become NLynx Systems.

  6. NLynx Systems acquired IDEA and Decision Data. At various times we used those names because no one knew how to say NLynx.

  7. NLynx Technologies was an internal buy-out by six employees including myself.

  8. Finally we were acquired by Ringdale. At this point, I was the only left from the KMW days.

  9. In May of 2010, one of my friends from Andrew days contacted me and I went to work at FreightSecurity. That company became FreightWatch International and then was acquired by United Technologies. I left when they were moving all production to China in 2013.

Through it all, I was somebody that they wanted to keep. The chain ended in 2010 when I went to work for