Redistricting & Gerrymandering


Watch this ACLU video about Gerrymandering!:

This is the Congress map passed by the state senate: Congress PLANC2135 map

After re-districting, District 31 changed. Commission Area Two is still in District 31, but some of us will be in District 10 (contains parts of 266, 277, & 278), and the Austin Precincts 218, 274, & 275 are in District 37. Texas Tribune article This is the State Senate map passed by the state senate: Senate PLANS2168 map We are currently in Senate District 5. Most of Wilco will still be in SD-5, but after redistricting CA2, except for Precincts, 202, 207, and 267 will be in SD-24.

This is the Texas House passed by the state senate: Texas House map PLANH2316 Most of Commissioner Area 2 is currentlyly in House District 136. After redistricting, most of us will be in House District 20.

This is the Texas State Board of Education passed by the state senate: Texas SBOE map

The County Precinct maps for Pct 1, 2, 3 and 4 have been released. You can enter your home address to determine your newly proposed precinct in the link below. Link to redistricting maps

The individual Precinct Chair maps must be released by December 31st. We do not know yet when to expect them. We have heard that there is to be an additional 30 precincts across the county. After these maps are released, we will be looking for Precinct Chairs to fill all the open positions.

The Texas Tribune put out a good map where you can enter your address and see what districts you are in. Just enter your address and scroll down to see each district.


If you are interested in digging into redistricting these are some websites to help:

National Conference of State Legislatures. This website has the Redistricting Criteria:

NDRC - National Democratic Redistricting Committee
Facebook: DemRedistrict

Fair Maps Texas
Facebook: FairMapsTexas

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