Expert at Extensive Troubleshooting - I learned basic electronics and had programming classes in high school. Experience designing boards and performing chip level repairs, working on firmware, writing software, performing system level configurations and troubleshooting problems with TCP/IP over VPN firewalls provided me with a top notch ability to figure out where the problem is.

Technical Writer

Expert for over 20 years. I have always been a stickler for documenting notes on tech support calls: what revision, configuration details, error messages, diagnostics steps taken. I always convert these to troubleshooting guides, procedures, manuals and training PowerPoint's.


Skilled - 8 years


Skilled - 8 years

Technical Support Liaison

Expert over 25 years. Through all of the years, I performed tech support. With my hardware, firmware, and system level experience, I can troubleshoot anything. I have the patience to work with people who sometimes do not. I always write the call up to make the next call go faster. I know how to wrap a problem up to report it to the development team. I invented the EAR (Engineering Action Request). This is the procedure where you analyze the cost benefits of fixing a bug that you put in an EAR.