Cliff's Web Work

This is a list of the websites and/or webpagesthat I created and/or maintained.

My first webpages were generated by AOL Hometown, then I analyzed the HTML files and cleaned them up with notepad. None of these exist anymore. These were:
  1. A page I did for myself.
  2. Kimothy's Closet, a page I did for my niece Kim, called Kimothy's Kloset, promoting her sewing business.
  3. a trivia page I created about Vermont.
  4. Phil's BBQ, a page I created to promote my brother Phil's restaurant.
  5. a page I created about my late wife, Anita, it was called Magikisis, her AOL name she chose for herself.
  6. Pyramdedia, a trivia page about Egyptian info.
  7. a few pages for the Heart of Texas Motel for my friend, Jim Osborn.

In the early 2000's I worked on the websites for the companies I worked for:
  1. I worked on NLynx Systems website using Dreamweaver. This was changed to NLynx Technologies after the NLynx Systems internal buyout.
  2. When Ringdale acquired NLynx Technologies, I added the Support section to their website.
  3. I worked on Bill's Lock & Key LLC's website from 2014 to 2017. I am still listed as an employee there.

Websites I created from scratch (writing the HTML by hand):
  1. My first website that I created from scratch This was started somewhere between 1996 and 2004. I created Texaport Cliff is to promote my technical skills. It has more than 15 webpages, most notable pages off that are antics.html.
  2. Oak Hill Association of Neighborhoods. This was first posted on a free server supplied by Austin. This was in 2002. Next we acquired a domain name and I added to it there until I left Oak Hill in 2008. At this time, the website had 150 pages about Oak Hill, OHAN, businesses, churches, and history. There was another 38 with Cruise Nite pictures. It was taken over after I left and re-done with only a few pages. It is now inactive.
  3. A website I created for Oak Hill Trails in around 2008. It has about 10 pages, and is still active
  4. In 2013, I took a WordPress class and generated one site. I prefer to write my HTML and CSS by hand in Notepad, then check for errors with other utilities.
  5. In 2018, I created a website for my step-brother Rick Hearn, a great artist in Vermont. His domain is This site has about 15 pages.
In total, I have worked on over a dozen websites, and I have created about 5 websites from scratch with about 265 HTML pages. Some of these HTML pages contain 1 page of content, but some are as many as 71 pages.
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