Utility Districts in Commissioner Area Two

Pedernales Electric Cooperative

PEC Board of Directors

Website: www.pec.coop

Candidates must reside in the districts that they run for. Members vote for board directors who represent their geographic district. Districts 1, 2, and 3 are in our area.
There is PEC Board of Directors positions up for election in 2024: District 1.

PEC District Boundaries Map: https://www.pec.coop/wp-content/uploads/2019/11/2019-PEC-Board-of-Director-Maps-101819-APPROVED.pdf

PEC Districts

Look at your PEC bill to confirm your Director District. You can see your bill at pec.smarthub.coop

Election info: www.pec.coop/about-us/your-cooperative/board-of-directors/elections-voting/

For more details: www.pec.coop/wp-content/uploads/2022/12/10.-2023-Election-Timeline-Final.pdf

All Directors are paid a fixed monthly fee of $3,000, provided that a Director regularly attends board meetings.

The Board of Directors serve a three-year term.

Current PEC Board of Directors from Commissioner Area Two districts

Milton Rister - District 1 Director & Secretary-Treasurer - Republican - Term 2021 - 2024

Emily Pataki - District 2 Director & President - Republican - Next Election: 2026
A quick 6-minute youtube video --> Mark Ekrut - District 3 Director - Republican - Next Election: 2026

This election starts in May and ends in June. One person in each household can vote. The PEC will email you a ballot. You can return the ballot by mail or complete it online.

Upper Brushy Creek Water Control District


Board Of Directors

President: Mike Freeman - Place 5 - Republican - Term 2020-2024
Vice President: Casey Clawson - Place 1 - Republican - Term 2022-2026
Treasurer: Ed Orlin - Place 2 - Republican - Term 2022-2026
Secretary: Jeremiah D. Williams - Place 4 - Republican - Term 2020-2024
Vice Treasurer: Greg Brill - Place 3 - Republican - Term 2020-2024

Upper Brushy Creek maps: www.ubcdams.org/ImageRepository/Document?documentId=251

Information on Upper Brushy Creek elections: https://www.upperbrushycreekwcid.org/188/Elections


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